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Reiki Healing Session

When you arrive for your session, You will be asked to sit and conduct a brief intake interview and assessment. Before getting onto the session, you will remove your shoes and any metallic jewelry you may be wearing. Otherwise, you will remain fully clothed throughout the session. We recommend that you dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Before the session I will start channeling the energy and start the session, You will be lie down or sitting on a comfortable chair/therapy table to begin your Reiki healing session.

During a typical session the client feel rested, relaxed, a sense of well being and peace, pain relief and better sleep.

Please allow 1 to 1.5 hours for your initial session. This give us time to learn about your health concerns and goals, answer any questions you may have, and do a session. Typical Follow up sessions are 1 hour and our deepening session are 1.5 hours.

During the session

Healing TherapyUK Therapist will gently place her hands 5-6 inches above your body, channeling Reiki energy into your body through her hands. She channel the divine energy through her hands to the clients body. Each person’s experience is unique, however most commonly, you will feel your body relax and you may feel warmth coming from my hands, these sensation could be hot, cold, happy or nothing. You may even fall asleep during the session. As the energy moves through your body, you may feel different physical sensations arise, or you may feel emotions stirring. This is all very normal and a natural part of the healing process.

Key tips for self care after your treatment:

  • Be gentle with yourself! Your body is working hard healing itself
  • Drink plenty of water for the next 48 hours (at least 64 oz per day)
  • Your body may be detoxing, so you may notice symptoms such as fatigue or headaches, which is normal. Increase water intake if this occurs.
  • You may feel tired, so allow time to rest
  • Practice good general self-care

Follow any special instructions given by your practitioner.

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