Reiki Level I / Beginner level

Reiki Beginner level

By taking our Reiki level 1 course, you will learn the art of self-healing which will enable you to connect to your body and listen to your inner wisdom. You will learn how to let go of things that no longer serve you, channel your healing energy, and tap into nature’s natural pain reliever.

Many people who study Reiki experience moments of greater clarity about their past and their future. This is particularly true for students who progress to our Reiki level 2 courses.

Learning how to tap into and trust your intuition is another aspect that students have found extremely helpful during their Reiki journey. Reiki helps you to reconnect to your unique essence as well as nature so that you can tune into the balance and harmony of the Universe and appreciate how you fit into it. Many students find that Reiki gives them a whole new perspective on life.

Reiki level 1 work to activate, clear and balance your chakras, which will give you a new appreciation of life, more compassion for both yourself and others, and an increasing sense of gratitude.

Remember, you don’t have to become a healer if you study Reiki, but we are sure that once you have received your atonement, you will want to use what you have learned to help both yourself and others.

During the class, you will learn

  • Origin of Reiki practice
  • Receive your atonement
  • Nature of reiki
  • Energy and its healing reality
  • Principles of Reiki
  • Aura and how to enhance your Aura
  • Techniques to protect yourself, family members with reiki healing.
  • 21 days healing -How to start the process of cleansing and balancing chakras.
  • Healing technique by hands
  • How to perform Reiki healing on others
  • Code and ethics

Duration 2 hours (Divided two classes)

LEVEL ONE – 120£

Reiki one will teach you base concept of Reiki Level 1, This is for beginners and Learner. In this Reiki Level you will Learn:

  • Initiation & Reiki energy attunement
  • Skills to do self healing
  • Treating others with Reiki
  • How to Protect your energy
  • How to clean your house with Reiki
  • The Reiki pathway
  • Kanji hand positions
  • Uses for & benefits of Reiki
  • Nature of Energy Fields
  • History of Reiki
  • Healing techniques with water
  • Healing Hand Positions
  • Chakra Healing
  • Self-care practices & rituals
  • Functions of Ki
  • Basics of Esoteric Anatomy
  • Ethics & consent
  • Self Treatments
  • The three pillars of Reiki
  • Techniques to healing your aura & body. 

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