Kinetic Shift Method

Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift is a modality Invented by Karl Smith. Kinetic Shift is a method to help with Anxiety, Post Trauma, Weight loss and so much more. It’s ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC, and ENERGISING. The key thing about Kinetic Shift and the course is not just a technique, it’s the experience and confidence building that goes with it.

Kinetic Shift is an energy-based, intuitive and rapid method of helping people. What makes it different from many other techniques out there is not only its speed, but that it combines several different techniques to create an effective and flexible way of bringing about a change, or shift for someone.

Kinetic Shift is content-free, which may astound you, the Practitioner doesn’t need to know…. the client doesn’t know most of the time but that will transpire in your session and those “I never thought it was that or I thought I have dealt with that moments happen in a Kinetic Shift Session.

Benefits of Kinetic Shifts

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Confidence/ Low Self-centred
  • Chronic pains
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression and Low Mood
  • Motivation issues
  • Frustration and resentment
  • Anger and distress
  • Guilt and shame
  • Worrying and over-thinking
  • Addictions

The Kinetic Shift process is not classical therapy, it’s a process that’s quick and will make changes fast.


Relief in Chronic Pain

What Happens During A Session?

Kinetic Shift is a 7 stage process. It is not a laydown, close your eyes and keep quiet therapy; it uses client participation to work directly with the subconscious mind, not the thinking brain that will lie or cover-up. You are led by the practitioner through the stages which use a variety of techniques to work through and release the issue.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends on the issue but Kinetic Shift is a fast and effective therapy and it is possible for problems to be resolved in a single session. Complex or chronic cases may take longer as sometimes further issues are brought to the surface when the presenting problem has been dealt with.

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