How healing therapy will help you?

Scientifically Proven

It has been scientifically proven that every living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. This flow of electromagnetic energy can become blocked or disturbed, and the frequency can turn negative. When this happens the body is unable to protect itself from disease, and over time this can lead to mental/physical health problems.


The Onset of Health Problems

You will often feel this starting as something insignificant, such as mild fatigue, and as it grows your symptoms get worse and materialize in physical form. Not all illnesses however are caused as a direct result of an energy imbalance. It may be that an accident has led to your illness, and an energy imbalance is the result of the damage to your body following the accident.

Mausami Jerath (Reiki Master)

Traditional Medicine

At this stage, you may visit your doctor and receive a prescription to help with your problem, and Mausami always recommends that you visit your GP as part of your overall treatment program. Sometimes this treatment will give you relief from your symptoms, and your body energy will restore itself and heal you of your ailment.

What Next?

This however isn’t always the case, as some people have stronger more vibrant energy fields than others. When the body’s own ability to heal is impacted by a blockage it is having difficulty removing by itself, your ailment will remain and often get worse. Mausami can detect these blockages and remove them through Reiki healing or other therapies, allowing your body energy to flow freely and begin healing itself in the areas it is suffering.

Can Everyone Benefit from it?

Yes, Depending on medical condition, some therapies may work quickly and some take time. Reiki healing therapy has always accelerated the healing process of the body if used regularly, Meditation always helps to reunite the mind, heart, and body for better circulation of body hormones and emotions. Hypnotherapy helps people to get the pressure of the mind to unwind the stress and anxiety created by the existing situation.

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