Heart & Brain Coherence Meditation

Heart and brain synchronizing meditation (Mindfulness)

Mindfulness is awareness and complete consciousness of the present moment. Be it the place you are at, the work that you are doing, or the person you are talking to, mindfulness is all about giving in to the present moment.

Mindfulness is also about balance, which means not getting overwhelmed or overreacting to a situation or to what is happening around.

Being mindful is to be aware of what you are personally experiencing with your entire being, i.e., your mind, thoughts, emotions, movements, and senses. Completely and wholly.

Mindfulness is an innate ability in each of us. Keeping the ability intact and bringing it up at your will is necessary, and only training and practicing mindfulness can do that for you.

Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Mindfulness meditation helps you deal with pain better – whether it is physical or mental. It trains you to analyze yourself and work on what’s lacking objectively.
  • It helps you give full attention to what you are doing instead of spacing out, becoming blank, or staring right through something.
  • It trains you to focus and get your work done without much distraction. It also reduces stress and keeps you level-headed.
  • Mindfulness meditation keeps your brain clutter-free and helps you attend to what is necessary and important.
  • It reduces depression and helps you sleep better. It even helps you set and reach goals to better yourself in every manner.
  • Accelerate the healing process within your body.
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