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Healing TherapyUK

Healing Therapy UK is a service mark of Reiki Divine Healing Foundation, a registered holistic therapy business in Manchester that offers Reiki therapy, Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift, Emotional freedom technique, Powerful Meditation for healing and synchronizing energy centers of your body and mind. Healing Therapy UK helps people move towards balance, wellness, and health by using time-tested complementary therapy treatments that activate the body's natural healing response.

Our Aim

Healing Therapy UK Aim is to help more and more people to realize their true potential within themselves, living with a higher state of consciousness and helping them to use the power of mind and heart to attain healing within and help them to discover the power within.

Our Value

Healing Therapy UK do holistic approach that means we address healing at all levels of self – mind, body, and spirit. We approach each of our clients, and students with the utmost respect and non-judgmental care.

Reiki Master

Mausami Jerath (Founder) has professional Affiliations & Code Of Ethics. Owner, the founder of Healing TherapyUK , is a full member of "Reiki Divine Healing Foundation and registered clinical HYPNOTHERAPIST of UK Hypnosis Academy Ltd.


We conduct workshops and classes.

Healing Therapy UK also conducts workshops and classes in Reiki and other wellness techniques so that others may learn and share these gifts both for themselves as well as others. Workshops are conducted mainly via online platforms and zoom sessions.

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